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What do a power boater and a sail boater, and a programmer have in common?  Only the programmer has the sense to have friends with boats rather than subject himself to countless projects.  All the fun, none of the work.  However, all three of us share a love of boating but not always all the boat projects that accompany it.  Being an inclusive community, with occasional stink pot/blow boater jokes, we often compare notes on various upgrades to our vessels.  The marine community is notorious for its tribal knowledge.

The misperception from people who don’t own boats is that we’re all millionaires living the high life on our yachts, which couldn’t be further from the truth.  The majority of boat owners couldn’t make the lifestyle work without some good old elbow grease and DIY ingenuity.

That’s where the idea for this website came from, the constant sharing of information and a way to help other boater’s outside our circle of friends.  We want to encourage community involvement.  A free flow of ideas to keep your boat running; because if your boat’s not running, then you’re not enjoying all the fun that comes from being out on the water.

Mark Schmidt was torn from his deep roots in Spokane and moved to Seattle at the tender age of 2. He’s since stretched the term, “Seattle area” to the limits of credulity when asked where he was born. Growing up posing as a Seattle area native, Mark developed a deep appreciation for the sea and would take every opportunity to be on the water.

These days Mark lives aboard M/V Catsmando with his wife, cat and poorly trained dog. He’s been known to masquerade as the CTO of a telecom technology company during the day, his evenings are reserved for cracking open a fine box of wine and curling up with Akwafile.

Michael Miller was born and raised in Seattle and currently lives aboard his sailboat with his family.  He has been enamored with boating his entire life.  He began his career in the marine industry working for a distributor and eventually help co-found a start-up marine manufacturing business, SmartPlug Systems.
Mike currently works for an engine distributor focused on the recreational and commercial marine industry. When not at his formal job, Mike typically is working on his boat with his family and, from time to time, gets to enjoy using the boat.

Pete Newton, born the son of a merchant marine, began his life in the Boston suburbs and finally settled in The Great Northwest. He’s enjoyed the adventure of sailing since his first excursion bareboat sailing in the BVI at the tender age of 9 with his parents. His highest held maritime rank to date is “Captain of the Dingy”.

Pete’s current profession is a software engineer with over 18 years’ experience as has an affinity with relational databases. He has worked in the telecommunication, finance and educational industries. In his free time, he enjoys cooking, listening to music and dreaming of the next trip to the Caribbean.